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Log In Play Free. Valethar In order to do a Mac client, they would need an entirely new game engine. The same goes for Linux. That doesn't mean I don't support the idea of a Mac client, it's just not possible using the current engine. Virilius I don't think there is any coincidence that Blizzard games are as successful as they are AND happen to support both windows and mac. There are a lot more people than the arrogant PC users think that use mac or were forced to use mac growing up because their family owned it for this reason or that.

Speaking from my own experience, I was given Starcraft and Diablo 1 for christmas because they were the only games that would work on the computer my parents owned at the time. Since then I have been loyal to Blizzard because of this fact. Making a game accessible to a wider range of platforms is simply logical as it makes it more accessible to more gamers. Do it. Originally Posted by XenonParsec.

I'm sorry, this thread is ridiculous. Mac users will be the first to tell you how much better desktop graphic design, video editing, etc are so fabulous on a mac, but explain why their platform is inadequate for gaming and they get all indignant. Macs don't do games or Flash. Whether you agree with this or not is irrelevant, it's just how things are. All the mac supporters can do is cite Apple stock and growing marketshare not in desktop pc's btw guys and whine about no support when there's already a software solution for them.

It's this simple: A publicly-held company EA no doubt did some kind of analysis to determine if developing that native support would yield an appreciable profit over the costs involved. Since they announced that there will be no mac support, we can assume the analysis didn't show a big enough number. It's not like you can't play the game, because you can. The sooner mac users embrace the fact that their platform doesn't have widespread support for gaming, the sooner you can calm down and just enjoy the game.

Since your computer is so much more awesome than a PC, swtor runs great, right?

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Atlantida What about some linux loven too. An apple, a penguin, or a window.. JacenHallis Originally Posted by Atlantida. Ruminara Ven Passion, yet serenity. I support the client for Mac, Blizzard can do it Turbine can do it, Why the hell not. It would be also a good start to rip out that abortion of an engine they have now.

Cretinus What is the patent situation anyway? Would the seven dwarves be renamed to i7? Glad to see that this thread is still limping along and I sincerely hope that release a Mac client soon. If they were truly serious about it, they would have targeted a Mac version for Christmas. I've been playing Lord of the Rings Online for about 3 weeks and Guild Wars 2 for just over a week using the Mac clients for each.

They work great on my iMac and look fantastic. After 3 different PCs dying in as many years, I'm done with them and I'm not going to install Bootcamp on my computer to play one game.

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Come on, Bioware! But other than that it's all good! Oh yea the issue is simple. Well no error came up in shell, which means that it does work. Your current issue is another type of freezing. Read the very bottom of the guide, in section titled extra step. So all's going fine and dandy, but I can't enter the code because of this issue. You're posting on a fairly old thread and your link accidentally got picked up by the spam filter oops, most people use imgur.

Yea that simply means that shell doesn't recognize the language your computer is running in. Simply type in this command.


This will change the language of your shell to United States English. Then you can type in the original command and it should go smoothly. Thanks, the fix works! I just think I put in the command in too many times xD, oh well. Appreciate the help! Quick question, when one types in the code to insert the file before wine in the configuration step and presses enter, does it save that code? My swtor fix folder is in the Swtor game folder. Also worth noting that it freezes when my mouse icon becomes the yellow swtor mouse rather than the typical black mac mouse icon.

Do you have any suggestions on speed? I really should get a windows computer lol. Speed as in how well the game performs? That might help, but no promises. Regarding the launcher, if you mean the bug where you put in your credentials, but it doesn't processes, all you have to do is tab between the name and the password and mash the enter key. That will do it. If you want to get a windows computer, but don't have the funds, you can look into installing Bootcamp on your Mac.

The performance won't be as good like in native Windows computer, but a literal Windows nonetheless https: It works fine, but if you want to improve the performance significantly, use open gl in the display tab of playonmac. I set my Vram to , then tried on So the Vram setting in that same window. It seemed to load quicker on If you have the same hardware in your's it should be able to run. Yea I will be honest when I looked at my vram, I was baffled how small it was. Like my laptop is from the early s. I will make note of that when I have to repost the guide.

Hi, I'm trying to install this game on my external hard drive not enough space on my laptop: Then, when I tried to make the shortcut at the end of the installation by choosing launcher. Well, I never worked with installing applications on the external hard drive, but I will try to do my best. First I suggest to install the application on your external hard drive only if it's an SSD. If you have an HDD instead, the game will still run, but I'm unsure exactly how well it will run. Can you tell how what exactly did you install on the external hard, and how you did it? That way I can at least know what I'm dealing with.

Ok so everything is the same until step 8 of the installation. On step 8, instead of choosing the setup. Then I clicked next and everything is okay until I get to step At this point it tells me I need I have to navigate down through drive Z: Leads me to believe it doesn't think its installing on an external drive.

I click yes thinking it just doesn't know where its installing, and proceed through the rest of the installation which works fine. Back to the PlayOnMac dialog in step 13, the launcher. After naming the shortcut and trying to continue i get the following error:.

Since I can't create a shortcut, I haven't found a way to actually run the launcher. I did try to install the game on my internal HD as well even though there isnt enough space for the whole game, and that all worked fine - I made it to downloading and installing the whole game step 8 after the bitlauncher stuff , which obvs started to do so on my internal HD, so I stopped the download. Couldn't find a way to install the game on my internal, and just download all the game files to my external either. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you: Oh yea I think I know what the reason is. PlayOnMac doesn't let you install the game in whatever folder you want to sadly. When you create a wrapper for a program, you tell PlayOnMac that "Hey! I will install a program in this wrapper you created for me! Since you chose to install the game not in the wrapper it created, you technically didn't install the game at all from its point of view.

Which is why it can't find the launcher, because technically it doesn't exist. If you want the game to work from your external hard drive, you will need to install PlayOnMac on the external hard drive as well. Make sure to only install the game in the default directory it gave you. OK that makes sense, your comments led me to this and similar threads, but I am having trouble recreating the steps. I tried copying the wineprefix folder from the PlayOnMac folder in Library in my User folder to my external, then deleting the one in the user library.

Then I right clicked the new folder and made an alias to it, which I then placed in my User home folder, replacing the one that was already there named 'Play On Mac's virtual drives'. Then, when I opened PlayOnMac, it just recreated the wineprefix folder where it was before Hey man sorry for the super late reply. Work and sleep kept me occupied for the whole day and I barely had free time. I see what they meant in that thread, but alias isn't the same as symlink. Alias is the same as shortcut on Windows. I see the logic in how you did it.

Yea that does sound like a good idea, but as I said, PlayOnMac is looking for it's own things. It sees the shortcut, but for it it's just a shortcut to some folder rather than something that belongs to itself. Alias is basically a more user friendly type of shortcut. You click it, and it leads you to the original folder. Imagine alias like a receptionist. I need to give Danial this report he asked for. In this situation, rather than the receptionist telling you where the room is, it will instead fax the report to Danial directly. This is what you have to do to create a Symlink with wineprefix.

First, leave the wineprefix folder in your external hard drive, you did that correctly. This is where we will have to type in a series of commands. First, we will have to lead you to where the symlink folder WILL be. Remember you can press the Tab button to auto-complete a folder name if there is only one folder with that sequence of letters, like the Library folder. Now we will have to tell Terminal to create a symlink folder named wineprefix in that directory. The source will be the wineprefix folder on your external hard drive. Type in the following command. That will create a symlink folder in my PlayOnMac directory called wineprefix.

Now you can hopefully install the game as your normally would. Please tell me how it goes. Ok awesome thank you for the great instructions! So I got through to the installation and it showed that i had GB free, but then it the actual installation seems to just hang and not finish? No errors or anything, here are the last 2 commands it tries before stalling:. Running external installer for 'Visual C Runtime '; this may take a few moments Go to the Activity Monitor, search for wine, and close all of the things under that name.

Hi, I think I followed all the steps correctly but I might have missed something. When I tried booting for the first time it seems to have gotten stuck at this screen. The little loady wheel is still spinning but its been on this screen for awhile. Any suggestions? Source Why? Creator ignoreme deletthis. Please double make sure that the file is in the same folder as the game itself, and that you correctly typed he code.

After you typed in the code, the results should show nothing other than a PlayOnMac: Or something along these lines. Ok thats where I figured I had lost the thread. When I click on Open a Shell, it opens a select file window. What file am I selecting there?

Here ya go I thought maybe I had to select the launcher or something, but I can't get to the Library from that select screen. I copied and pasted in in that box. Since I Open a Shell just kept popping up with the search window I thought that was the box you meant. Removed, still getting a search box. Wonder if XQuartz didn't install properly or something.

It all seemed good at the time. If XQuartz didn't install correctly, we will deal with it. Make sure to select launcher. After you did, try to open the shell. Tell me what happens. Hopefully it will open the shell instead Hi, it works fine until the game gets onto the loading screen.

It freezes and the blue thing stops spinning. I looked at what you told the other person who had this problem, but it didn't work for me. Pls help! Yea, I read that and that worked, but the second problem: I just close one, but why is it opening 2? You typed in the code twice. If you want for there to be only one, you will need to delete the current shortcut, create a new one, and type in the code just once. With an icon, and without.

Remove the one with the icon. When you did, create a new shortcut. Could you send me a screenshot of what to remove and what not to remove. I don't. I'm having a problem with swtor fix. When I click on "open a shell" instead of opening a shell window, it gives me a "select a file" window:.

PlayOnMac released an update a couple of days ago that changed how the shell part works. I've updated the guide with the new steps to open a shell, so go ahead as reread that part.

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Has anybody actually successfully run the game using this guide? I've tried twice with no luck. Need to build a Windows PC, I guess. I guarantee that the guide does work if done correctly. Tell me what you're having issues with, and I will try my best to help. First time, with "SWTOR Launcher" as the shortcut, I made it to the concept art splash after launch screen and was stuck with the small loading wheel. Second try, with just "SWTOR" as the shortcut, I didn't even made it that far, just to the login screen, trying to log in after all steps in this guide. When you are on the concept art splash, is the circle bottom right constantly spinning or stuck in place?

If the wheel is stuck in place, read the extra step if your game freezes in the bottom of the guide. The logging in but nothing happens issue is common even on some Windows machines. You can get around it by constantly switching between username and password and mashing Enter. Your laptop is a bit on the under powered side, but not an issue if you plan to play on the lowest textures and don't mind a bit of frame lag.

Thank you! I probably forgot to set the VRAM in the first attempt and just gave up. It worked like a charm this time and I'm finally in! I managed to get it to run several times reinstallations, new MacBooks using Wine, first time using this installer but yes it works. And so on and so on. If you have issues installing bootcamp, you can ask me.

I did it for several laptops. If you need help with the guide, ask new. I'm trying it at the moment. Now I'm stuck at the part where i need to update xquartz. Do i have to repeat the whole steps or just relaunch xquartz?

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Thanks a lot! I haven't really been playing it, only checked whether or not I can make it through the character selection screen I hope it didnt freeze or crash later on: I'm embarrassed to admit that I cannot get past step 9. I continue to get an error that says "The xml configuration seems to be corrupt. Hey today I got a message from another person talking about the xml configuration being corrupt I think PlayOnMac might've released an update recently that broke how the game can be installed For now can you please what the error looks like?

It would be cool if your screenshot includes both the play on Mac's screen as you are installing and the error itself. Here is a link to an album four screenshots of what happens chronologically http: Wine now allows installation of either 32 or 64 bit? I guess this is probably the cause of the error Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Works with 5. Everything in this documentation was made possible by the brilliant minds behind the Wine project. Download the Star Wars: The Old Republic installer www. Keep clicking next until you are brought to the if you'd like to install on a new virtual drive, or an existing one. Click on the new virtual drive. Type whatever name you want for the program. SWTOR will work. When on the next screen, toggle Install some libraries and click next.

Select 32 bits windows installation and click next. It will now create the wrapper for the program. It will take a few seconds. Now a screen will appear that lets you install certain libraries before we continue with the installation. Toggle the following libraries: When the install finished, on the PlayOnMac installation screen, again click next. If prompted again to the screen from step 16, click cancel. Now we're going to start the launcher. At first it will show you the very very very old launcher.

Let it auto update to the newer launcher, which will be a bit bigger in size. Login with your credentials, and proceed with the agreements. Now let the launcher download the whole game About 60GB. Follow to this GitHub link https: Now we will have to open up the XQuartz. If you are prompted to update XQuartz, go ahead and do it. After the update is done, again relaunch the shell again if needed.

Hello from Odessen! Extra step if your game freezes at any point. On the PlayOnMac menu, open the configuration for your wrapper. Relaunch the game again as documented in the final steps of the main post. Want to add to the discussion?

Post a comment! Create an account. SWTOR however works really well! Somehow even bitraider works perfectly for me: Thanks ahead of time and thanks for posting this amazing guide. I'm very grateful!! I hope this helps someone else. From time to time, what you came across happen. Relogging will fix it. Yea the name you put in the code is the exact name as the name you chose for your shortcut.

Also oops All you need to do is continue trying to log in. All you can do is continue trying to log in. Thanks in advance, Nuss. Reply if you run into more issues and I will try to help.

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Sorry you're right I meant the swtor fix part! Thank you for this. Your ARE the hero we all need! It's very case sensitive. Delete the wrap and start over. Any idea what might have caused it to freeze? File not found? That's odd Go to the X11 website, download and install it. Sorry for bad english, I hope you can help me. I changed my VRAM from default to , now it works: On the same text file, change: Talk to you soon!

Something must've gone wrong for you in that case. Thanks so much for this! Also my download size was at least 40 GB. Tell me if you need anything in the future. Thanks beforehand! UTF-8" After you did that, type in the original command. Most Satisfying! Should work.

Contact me if anything else happens. Or something else? You don't have to retype or reopen shell after that. Not hearing any sounds in the game but its not a big deal. Any idea what might be the reason? Nothing should stop sound from playing. I will need to look into that. Any ideas where I may have gone wrong? After naming the shortcut and trying to continue i get the following error: Hope this helps! Then I right clicked the new folder and made an alias to it, which I then placed in my User home folder, replacing the one that was already there named 'Play On Mac's virtual drives' Then, when I opened PlayOnMac, it just recreated the wineprefix folder where it was before No errors or anything, here are the last 2 commands it tries before stalling: Happy to hear it worked!

Tell me if any other issue occurs and I will try to help. If it shows you anything else, tell me and I will try to see what's wrong with it. Can you please remove what you've written in the box, and then open the shell?

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  • The section titled extra step if your game freezes.

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