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If you accidentally install the security update, your After that, you can boot Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Got an Older Mac? Enter your email address below: Posted by: Sid says: April 20, at 1: Paul says: April 24, at Alrik says: April 20, at 2: Howie says: April 20, at 4: DG says: April 21, at 1: Mike says: April 20, at 5: April 20, at 7: Robbertvdd says: April 21, at 6: Wrong list says: April 21, at 5: HackerWayne says: April 21, at Hicks says: April 22, at 7: Josh S says: July 7, at 5: Following is the list of Macs that can run Sierra, the current and best-supported version of macOS.

If your Mac is older than the ones listed directly below, read on for suggestions about what you can do to upgrade to an operating system that's still getting security patches. Those who are unsure which Mac model they own may find EveryMac and apple-history to be useful sites. If you have a compatible Mac with a version of OS X that predates Lion for example, Snow Leopard , you will need to download Sierra on another compatible Mac with Lion or later, create a bootable Sierra flash drive or external hard drive using Apple's official instructions or the third-party tool DiskMaker X , and do a clean install overwriting the hard drive on your Mac—so be sure to carefully back up all of your files first.

An alternative solution for upgrading a compatible Mac from Snow Leopard to Sierra is to first upgrade to your choice of Lion through El Capitan if you happen to have a bootable installer from one of those versions of macOS handy, or if you're able to download one from the Purchased section of the App Store and use DiskMaker X to create a bootable installer , and then do a second upgrade from that macOS version to Sierra.

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Upgrade to macOS Mojave.

Taking this upgrade path will allow you to preserve your hard drive's contents. If your Mac can't run Sierra, there's still a decent chance that it can run the previous version of macOS, El Capitan, which may continue to receive security updates from Apple for another year or two. If your Mac is currently running Mountain Lion, Mavericks, or Yosemite, then it definitely meets the minimum system requirements for running El Capitan and it might even be Sierra-capable; refer to the previous section.

If your Mac isn't new enough to run Sierra or even El Capitan, then, unfortunately, it will no longer receive much support from Apple. Sadly, Apple doesn't give users any direct warning when their operating system or Mac is no longer supported. Worse, when users check the App Store for updates or on older Macs when users run Software Update , it misleadingly tells them, "No Updates Available" or "Your software is up to date.

What to Do if Your Mac Can’t Run macOS Sierra

This didn't just happen once ; it has happened again and again. Universal binary malware can run on old Macs, too. Image credit: While Apple boasts about the extremely high percentage of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices that are rapidly upgraded to each major new version of iOS, such is not necessarily the case with Macs and OS X. Based on the newly released Net Applications data for November , it appears that Sierra has been installed on nearly one third of the Macs that were used for Web browsing last month.

Meanwhile, El Capitan, which has been out for over a year and is still being supported, is currently tied with Sierra at one third of the Mac market share, and Yosemite is in third place at just over one-fifth of the active installed base.

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All older versions of OS X, though, together comprise more than In other words, about 1 in every 7 Macs in use today is no longer getting security updates. This makes non-upgraded or non-upgradeable Macs a potentially significant target roughly 20 to 30 million computers for criminals interested in infecting a large quantity of devices. Anyone still using a Mac that cannot be upgraded to Sierra, or at least El Capitan, should strongly consider buying new hardware if they can afford it.

If you have an older Intel Mac, you have several options.

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  • One solution is to set up Boot Camp and install Windows to use as your Mac's primary operating system. At the time of this writing, If you can't afford to buy a brand new Mac, but you do have a little bit of money to spend, you can shop around for used Macs.

    What to Do if Your Mac Can’t Run macOS Sierra | The Mac Security Blog

    If you know a Mac user who's still running an older version of OS X , do them a favor and check to see whether their Mac is capable of running macOS Sierra. Zo kunnen programma's als Notities , Herinneringen , Pages tekstverwerker , Keynote en Numbers software nu synchroniseren met een andere Mac of iOS -apparaten geconfigureerd met hetzelfde iCloud-account.

    Een ander nieuw programma in Mountain Lion is Notities. Veel design-elementen zijn afgeleid van de iPad -versie van Notities. Nieuw is de ondersteuning voor bureaublad -notities, die ook aanwezig blijven wanneer Notities wordt afgesloten. Nieuwe notities kunnen worden aangemaakt in drie verschillende lettertypes: Noteworthy , Marker Felt en Helvetica. Functionaliteit die niet aanwezig is in de iOS -versie van Notities zijn o. In Mountain Lion is iChat vervangen door Berichten , met een totaal nieuwe interface.

    Alle functionaliteit die iChat bood is nog gewoon aanwezig in Berichten. De definitieve versie werkt echter enkel op Mountain Lion.

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    Nieuw in Mountain Lion is Safari 6 ook beschikbaar als update voor OS X Lion , echter niet alle nieuwe functionaliteit wordt ondersteund. Uit Wikipedia, de vrije encyclopedie.

    Install Windows 7 on a Mac Using Boot Camp Assistant (Mac OSX 10.8)

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