Mac forest 50k 2013 results

The forest is in full bloom in early May; the dogwoods are glowing and the delicate calypso orchids dot the undergrowth. The race is limited to entrants. There is a 7: You must be 18 years old on race day to enter.

Frölicking trails since 2010

Registration fee includes 4-well stocked aid stations; post-race soup, bread, fruit and cookies; a Territory Run shirt, and oz. No entry transfers or carryovers to Territory Run race shirts are included in the registration fee. Women's shirts run small. Website Calendar.

Exploring the process of my recovery from alcoholism and addiction

Social Facebook. Uh oh, something's wrong, why isn't he winning? Poor guy. He mentioned to me that he was taking a page out of his own book and didn't want to lose this race, so he decided to slow down and have fun. Smart kid. He proceeded to then tell me that the other 2 runners weren't too far ahead and that I could win the race.

One of my strategies for having fun during a race is to eliminate the desire to win. As Buddhism teaches: This leads to Nirvana, an "egoless state of bliss". Let's just say Nirvana went out the window at the next aid station when I caught up to the race leaders. With 12 miles to go, I took my time refueling at the aid station and getting my bottles filled with ice water.

The weather was really warm now, probably the mids, and there was no breeze to keep my half-naked body cool.

OFFICIAL RESULTS: 2014 Four Lakes 100/Old Spanish Trail 65

So, I left the aid station while squirting myself with the ice water from my bottles. It was SO refreshing, and I felt like a new man afterwards! Seriously, the little things you can do to keep your body cool goes a long way to keep the machine working strong. My ice shower basically propelled me up the next steady climb while chasing the 1st and 2nd place runners.

Pretty soon after the aid station, I caught Mike walking up the douche grade hill.

Bandera 50K & 100K Trail Run 2013

He definitely started out the race too fast, but he may have done it on purpose to help prepare for a marathon he was running in a few weeks. Maybe 10 minutes after I caught Mike, I ended up tailing Nick, the 1st place runner.

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I hiked behind him for a little bit to gauge how he looked, but after watching him early in the race and watching him now, it looked like he was trying to run up every single hill in the race. At the next flat section, I passed him pretty nonchalantly, as I don't think he had anymore thrust in his legs.

It's a lesson that took me a few years to learn, and it's greatly changed my philosophy on training and racing: Just because you can run uphill, doesn't mean you should.

McDonald Forest

Key word: Now with 10 miles to go, I was confidently in the lead without much concern about any of the guys I just passed. They looked toasted, hot, and running with 1 bottle, whereas I was barely staying hydrated with 2 bottles. Juan Alberto, Val and Jerry, Mr. Rollie Dela Cruz, Mr.

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Brian Addams Guleng, Ms. Trace Pineda, Ms. Myla Go, Ms. Juvy Pagtalunan, Ms. Maripaz Buban, Mr.

McDonald Forest 50k Trail Run

And yes, the new Four Lakes Course Record was definitively set by the Frenchman, Monsieur Matthieu Rabiller, whose exploits early on I was able to personally witness, more on that some other time. The high finish rate, I also believe, was due to the fact that trail converts have started to take trail running seriously. As announced during the briefing too, I will come up shortly with the new time standards and new schedules and perhaps new additions for the KOTM series.

For whatever shortcomings we had as your organizing team, please accept my personal apologies. I hope you will continue to embrace the simplicity of our events and take a liking to Kayapa and its people the way I have done. Remember, it is the journey that counts. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

mac forest 50k 2013 results Mac forest 50k 2013 results
mac forest 50k 2013 results Mac forest 50k 2013 results
mac forest 50k 2013 results Mac forest 50k 2013 results
mac forest 50k 2013 results Mac forest 50k 2013 results
mac forest 50k 2013 results Mac forest 50k 2013 results

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