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Arkham Origins, Mad Max and more! Full access to our games starting at least five days before they release. And they're yours to play as long as you're a Premier member! You sure can!

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Your new membership will start immediately, giving you instant access to everything Premier has to offer. Still have time left on your Basic membership? Have more questions about changing your membership? Please speak with an advisor. The games added to Premier will be available to play whenever you want and as much as you want. Origin Access is only available for PC. Not all methods are available everywhere. Check out our article on EA Help for more information. Just follow the on-screen instructions and you'll be knee-deep in games in no time.

Cancelling your Origin Access membership is quick and easy. No fuss, no muss.

By the way, should you rejoin, all your games will be waiting for you, right where you left off. You can cancel from either the Origin client or Origin. If you cancel your membership prior to your next monthly or annual billing date, you won't be charged for the following month or year. Please note there are no refunds for either monthly or yearly membership fees regardless of when you cancel. Your new membership will start at the end of your current billing cycle. The Vault is a growing collection of great PC games included in your membership. Plus, more games are added over time.

The Vault is awesome now. Find out more here. Short answer: The result: Stand-alone chunks of a game designed to give players a taste of what it offers. Free trials: These are available to all Origin players, including those who are not Origin Access members. In some cases, your progress and stats carry over if you decide to buy. Play First Trials: These are exclusive to Origin Access members. Ditto for expansions, game packs, points, you name it. Please note: For Play First Trials, you'll need an Internet connection.

You can play some Vault games offline, but you'll need to periodically reconnect to Origin to verify that you're still a member. Origin Access is only available on PC. Vault games and Play First Trials cannot be played on a Mac. We love classic games and we're committed to bringing them to Origin Access. Because technology changes so much over the years floppy disks, anyone?

It also required a "ping," or latency of 80ms at most, but it recommends 40ms; the lower the latency the better, when it comes to responsive gameplay. My internet connection has a latency of 18ms. Considering the game was running on a computer that's probably miles and miles away from me, and it's streaming to my Mac over the internet, I was amazed by how little "lag" - the delay between my movements and my character's actions - there was. While the game looked great and movements were amazingly responsive, I should mention that I experienced a few stutters during gameplay.

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There were two-to-three second chunks of the game where the stream froze or stuttered. That's not a good thing for a tense, fast-paced game like "PUBG.

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To note, I experienced stutters despite the fact that my internet connection was seemingly optimal for streaming games. Most of the stutters I experienced didn't occur during critical points in the game, but the stutters are random and could very well happen during a firefight, or when you're trying to sneak up on an opposing player.

How to play 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' — the most popular game of 2017 — on a Mac

Indeed, there were two times when the stutters were not appreciated. You'll see that it stuttered at two inopportune times at the 20 minute and 17 second mark on the YouTube video's timeline. Another point in the timeline to check out is the 25 minute and 10 second mark. The Business Insider office has an incredibly fast internet connection with very low "ping," or latency, which is directly related to lag. When I played "PUBG" while plugged into the office's ethernet connection, there were noticably fewer stutters. It's a sign that the stutters I was experiencing were more likely from my WiFi connection rather than the GeForce Now app.

Still, my WiFi router is a recent, powerful, and expensive model - I'm using Netgear's Orbi mesh WiFi system, if you're wondering — so it was a little surprising that I was experiencing as many stutters. If possible, it's best to connect your Mac to an ethernet connection rather than WiFi to minimize stutters.

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  • I'd just have to come to terms that the stutters can put me at a disadvantage against other players who are playing on stutter-free on PCs. That said, if you're a Mac owner who doesn't have a gaming PC, but you have an Xbox One, you may want to wait until the game is released on Xbox One on December I can even play games at work! Note to work: I'm playing "PUBG" for content!

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    I swear!

    can you play battlefield play for free on mac Can you play battlefield play for free on mac
    can you play battlefield play for free on mac Can you play battlefield play for free on mac
    can you play battlefield play for free on mac Can you play battlefield play for free on mac
    can you play battlefield play for free on mac Can you play battlefield play for free on mac
    can you play battlefield play for free on mac Can you play battlefield play for free on mac

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