Mac trackpad not working reset

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However, before following this step, ensure to back up the Mac first. Here is how to delete the property list files of the mouse and track pad. How to send and receive text messages on a Mac.

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  • Also, make sure your data and hard work is backed up! If you have a similar issue, hopefully the above procedure works for you as well as it did for me. Note that in OSX Mavericks, in System Accessibility you can select an option that disables the trackpad if an external mouse is connected e. This happened to me a week ago. First I let it dry for a couple of days, but nothing changed.

    And it was only two drops of water, just two. When I realized they were already gone. Anyways, I tried the SMC reset but nothing happened. Without choice, I took it to the Apple service. I told them to check it as it just sat there that long, and they told me it worked fine.

    Trackpad not working MacBook Pro - Ask Different

    When I got back home the same problems continued the exact same symptoms written in the post. Again, I let it wait for a couple of days and realized the problems continued after a few minutes I started my macbook. Looked up online, and came across your article. Thanks for the tip!!! Thank you! This helped. My issue was with scrolling, it was no longer fluid. I had to flick my fingers to get the page to move.

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    As the computer turned back on, I was hopeful. Once I touched the trackpad I found it to still be going berserk. Thought maybe it was just a matter of time, but 10 minutes pass and its still not any better, almost worse than before.

    In anger I slammed my fist into the trackpad four times. Now it works better than ever. I think the above will prove more helpful for most cases. But you never know. Chris, thank you!

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    I think perhaps I had something very similar happen to my MacBook Pro last night. I lost control of the cursor, and my screen would flip to the other screen without my doing so the three finger swipe thing…forgive my lack of proper terminology, I rarely use that other screen! It would also zoom without my assistance, and then get stuck there. Restarting helped, but that never worked for more than 10 minutes.

    I tried all of the resets listed above, but they too only helped for short durations. I wiped it off quickly, but in hindsight…perhaps wiped it toward the crack, and at the moment…that seemed to be the start of my problems? Not sure.

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