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6 Free Time Tracking Apps that Improve Your Productivity

Handily, the Fanurio badge in your dock icon menu will display how much time has elapsed.

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To help you stay on top of things, Fanurio reminds you to start, pause, or stop your timer based on your regular work patterns. Most time tracking apps are focused on the present: But Timely is all about the future. First you schedule your work, then you log your time. Timely integrates with most calendar tools, so your meeting will automatically show up in the app.

When you begin your Skype session, click the Timely entry to start tracking your time.

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When the meeting is over, click it again to end tracking. First, you use an estimate tool, then you switch to a time tracker, then you switch to an invoice generator, and finally, you log into your payment app. Well, with Billings Pro, you can do it all within a single platform. Tick is designed to keep you and your teammates on budget. Since Tick integrates with Quickbooks and Freshbooks, turning these reports into invoices is fairly painless.

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This app integrates with Basecamp as well so you can see how much time is left in the budget, export Basecamp to-do items as tasks or import Tick tasks as Basecamp to-dos , and see how much time your workers have logged. Conflicts occur on any team, but on a remote team where face-to-face communication rarely, if ever, happens, noticing them is more difficult. As a remote team manager, you need to see those conflicts when they arise and have a plan to combat them when they do. While conflict is not always a bad thing, it…. Kevin Sterling is the owner of KTSterling. His company is one of the many satisfied Hubstaff clients who use our time tracking tools to stop guessing when it comes to billing and know exactly how much time is spent on every project to determine profit.

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Overall, Toggl is fantastic. It finds a great balance of powerful features, but remains simple, and its pricing model is fair. The free version will cover a lot of people, but the paid plans offer enough to make them useful. If you are in the market for a time tracking tool, be sure to check it out. Harvest Harvest , one of the more well-known brands in this space, came in a close second. Toggl shined brighter in a few areas, and they also offer a free plan. From a design point of view, Harvest has clearly put a lot of resources into the design of their apps.

Similar to Toggl, the Mac app is more of a basic timer than anything. Harvest comes with many more tools than Toggl. It can manage expenses and actually invoice clients as well. On the web, you have full access to the platform. You can start timers, build new projects, add clients, etc. On the iOS side, you can start timers, build projects, and add clients.

Overall, I found Harvest extremely easy to use. The time tracking aspect allows you to get to work without a lot of taps. The platform feels very mature, and I can tell they take pride in the overall user experience.

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Harvest works on iOS , the web, Mac , and Android. At this time, there is no Windows app, but they have extensions for Chrome and Safari. Harvest supports a full range of options for clients, projects, and tasks. You can build individual tasks under projects and bill different rates depending on the task admin, project management, development, etc. This feature is really well done! Exporting from Harvest is similar to Toggl. Cost is one area where Toggl especially shines over Harvest. However, After some digging, I found a free plan. It includes 2 projects, 4 clients, and unlimited invoices.

Harvest does offer a lot more features than Toggl outside of time tracking, so take that under consideration depending on your needs. Hours is another popular option.

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With an iOS app and a web app, it aims to be a complete time tracking tool. Unfortunately, the web app is really confusing. Upon launching it, it feels like I am running an iPad app on the desktop. The buttons are huge and everything feels optimized for touch vs mouse pointer. The time tracker at the top is also a bit confusing in my opinion. The iOS app is a completely different experience, however. I find it much easier to use, and it feels really well-designed from a UX perspective. But the most attractive part for freelancers is that Harvest is free for one user — forever.

With their user-friendly interface, loads of integrations, and companion apps for desktop and mobile use, you can really get everything you want in a single app. You can tag your entries to projects or groups and manage multiple clients on the same platform. It also allows you to create custom reports that actually look nice. One of its crowning features is that the desktop app almost makes time keeping automatic. Widely used by freelancers and teams alike, Tracking Time works in the background so you can focus more on your work and less on starting and stopping the timer.

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In the event you collaborate on team projects, the app is built to track cumulative time of all team members on a project. The Basic plan is free for teams up to three. It includes three active projects, tasks, mobile and desktop apps, and popular integrations like Basecamp, Asana, Github, and others. This time tracking solution was built specifically for freelancers by Toptal , a freelance talent sourcing platform. The app keeps a detailed tab on your activities and delivers in-depth progress reports for all your projects. You can set up the app to take screenshots at certain intervals that you could include in an activity report to your clients.

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  • Hands down, this is one of the most comprehensive tracking and organizational tools for freelancers.

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