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August I find Mary Kay to be very drying. I also dont like the smell. Member 15 posts. June I prefer Mary Kay from a skincare standpoint, however, I am not a huge fan of their makeup. September leecy MrsKnox 6 years ago Wedding: June I did one of those free Mary Kay wedding things too, Mary Kay is okay, however I will tell you that after I started using the Mary Kay products for normal skin my skin got extremely dry and I had to stop using the products.

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  • Also, they will try to get you to buy their products at the free event. Member 21 posts. September I just realized you are looking for makeup also: May MAC!! Bobbi Brown which I happen to like better! Add a comment. Get the best wedding inspiration, advice, and more from Weddingbee. Subscribe to Newsletter. You definitely get what you pay for. But i do have to give Mary Kay credit too, my second favorite eyeshadows besides MAC shadows in the world is made by Mary Kay and it's the smoothest, silkiest and prettiest eyeshadow ever.

    I haven't tried other products by them, so I can't tell you what products are good and what aren't, but if you're ever looking for eyeshadows, definitely consider Mary Kay ones, they're fantasti.

    Mary Kay vs Mac

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    I use both I love my mac brushes and liners , but Mary Kay has been around longer and they have adapted You can use their shadows wet or dry. Let alone it's more personable. Plus it's a U.

    I like MAC better. The products just seem like better quality to me, even if they're more expensive.


    But Mary Kay is still a good brand. Mary kay has nice mascaras, better than mac everything else MAC cuz it has a better quality and color range to match ur skintone better. I personally like M. Mac because they are easily accesable and beauty bloggers have swatches of their products online, so you know if you could see yourself wearing that product.

    Which is Better? M.A.C. or Mary Kay Make Up? | Yahoo Answers

    Mary Kay is over-priced. Their lip plumper is clear, and they can add pigments to it so that you have the exact colour that you want.

    Mary Kay - Chromafusion Eye Shadow

    Amazing isn't it? I am very interested myra. The products are really cheap! High quality products at a cheap price, what more could you ask for? Which is filled with Anti-oxidants,sunscreen and other minerals. Feel free to drop a line will tell u how to get it.

    Mac, Mary Kay or Sephora?

    Also I had these coursemate in skul who instead of fixing eyelashes uses a mascara dat adds volume 2 er lashes. I remember we all scrutinized her properly just to know if she was tellin the truth coz it evn had a kynda lyn dt lukd lyk she fixed lashes. It ws until she showed us d name of d mascara that we believed er. Unfortunately v lost contact wt er neither do I rem the name of d mascara. Sleek all the way especially lipstick omg, and their mascaras probably cos I love clean face I prefer their eye liners to eyeshadow.

    Pls can anyone say something about Sonya foreverliving product,how good is it if compared to Mac,Sleek nd Marykay.

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    Here's the sad thing: Nowhere else, same with Sleek I go to the store on Awolowo way, Ikoyi. In terms of comparison, they all do things differently. I usually tell my clients "not one brand will get everything right, try and use similar based products". Having said that, I'd pick Sleek's colourful eyeshadows and blushes, MAC's neutral brown eyeshadows, lipsticks, Mineralize Skinfinish powder, Face and Body foundation, brushes and Mary Kay's foundations. There are other brands out there, discover them. Natural Beauty is much more than skin deep…. In-fact its real deep. Sonya color collection is the one of the only aloe Vera based cosmetic lines that delivers skin care and makeup in one.

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