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This was the version that I had saved from 3 years ago when I first installed. Please see Identify your iMac - Apple Support as a reference.


How to install a mac os x 10.8 on a windows 7 laptop (hP)

From Boot Camp Support Software 4. From Boot Camp Support Software 5. Apr 28, The tables list both Late models and early models, which I am pretty sure are the same. No major changes where made to the iMac until late I'll give the 4. Apr 29, 8: May 4, 9: May 5, 3: Is that correct? Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search.

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Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)

Some tinkering is just downright impossible without special tools and training, and iFixit tends to rate their repairability worse every year. If you're looking at a MacBook or an iMac and you think something might go wrong with it, that Apple Care plan might not be a bad idea.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion – Installing Boot Camp Windows 7 | ICTtechie

And don't forget: Macs are expensive. Expect to pay a couple hundred dollars more than similarly spec'd PCs across the board. PC hardware is - in a word - diverse. Your PC can look however you want it to, whether that's something budget-level from Toshiba or HP, a top-of-the-line gaming machine from Alienware or Razer, or something as crazy as Recompute's cardboard computers. Most PCs are easier to modify than comparable Macs, so adding RAM or replacing a hard drive yourself is more manageable. If you ask us, the out-of-the-box quality of an operating system's UI will be more apparent to someone using it for the first time than to someone whose first move is to tweak it beyond recognizability.

There are lots of tools for improving i. OS X's growing adoption rate means that a lot of folks using Macs today grew up trained with PCs, so certain signature elements of the OS X interface might seem counterintuitive to them, no matter how logical they actually are. Take OS X's tricolor window-management buttons: Minimize behaves like it's supposed to. But closing the last open window leaves an application running.

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And that green "re-size" button doesn't work like Windows' predictable Maximize function. But that's because they aren't designed to: Interestingly, Windows 7 has the same issue introducing its new features and just wait for Windows 8: If your ideal computer is the one you already know how to use, chances are Windows 7 is your best bet. With better-looking buttons, and with Jump Lists and Aero Peek for managing recent or open windows, the taskbar has come a long way since Windows It's hardly a chore to open a program in either OS, but Mountain Lion's Launchpad feature, modeled on the simple icon management style of Apple's iOS devices, is easy and feels pleasantly modern.

Windows 7 and OS X both handle window-management pretty well, and it's almost a tie.

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OS X might take the round though, for offering dedicated keys and multitouch gestures for each breed of navigation. There's no shortage of decent programs available for OS X, but there are thousands more on Windows 7. That's to be expected, as the install-base for PCs is way higher.

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But as so many apps are garbage, does it make a difference? Short answer: Very few "essential" apps remain unavailable for Mac. Where the difference shows is when it comes to rarer stuff: The examples range from analytics and payroll software to drivers for outdated electronics. And, oh yeah, games. Same deal with low-budget indie games: The reason for this divide, if you're interested, is that many games developed for or ported to Windows rely heavily on Microsoft's DirectX software for graphics.

Apple hasn't invested in an equivalent tool, so in order to port games to OS X, developers don't just have to re-write their game; they have to also write a bunch of underlying software from scratch too. As you can imagine, that would be expensive, so it just doesn't happen.

windows Themes--Mac OS X Mountain Lion Skin Pack for windows 7,8 and xp

Whether or not support for games is a must-have feature is up to you: Just do yourself a favor:

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