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What Happened to Twitter for Mac?

Add the Social widget, then click Done at the bottom. Now you can effortlessly send out tweets right from the Notification Center. Incoming tweets will also show in the Notifications section, allowing you to keep up with your Twitter feed without having to keep an app or browser open all the time. But if you need more power and flexibility, then a third-party Twitter client may be more your style. Here are the best Twitter clients for Mac.

Tweetbot is what the official Twitter app tried to be. It serves as an all-in-one app for all serious Twitter users, offering tons of customization through features like special columns and mute filters, integration with third-party services like Pocket and Readability, plus animation eye candy. Twitter debuted in March and Twitterrific launched less than a year later in January This app is beautiful, responsive, and feels great. Tweeten is the best free Twitter client for Mac, bar none. You can set up and customize multiple columns, and even customize the look and feel of Tweeten itself using CSS styles.

Other nifty features include advanced mute filters, multiple account management, tweet scheduling, activity tracking, an emoji picker, and the ability to directly download videos from timelines.

With Twitter for Mac dead, here are the best alternatives for tweeting via macOS

Tweeten integrates with the Touch Bar on MacBooks for even more convenience. And not only does Tweeten offer more features than TweetDeck, its existing features are improved and optimized for performance.

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Echofon is a fantastic choice when you need a powerful client but want it as minimal as possible. The app is a single column with five tabs at the top: Just switch between them to see the ones you need.

Tweetdeck by Twitter

If you want more info like profile details on a certain user , a sub-panel appears with everything you need. Otherwise, feel free to use it forever without paying a cent.

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  6. Echofon Lite Free Download: It may not be the cleanest or easiest interface to navigate, but you can tweak it to your satisfaction and organize information into multiple columns, making anything available at a glance. Unfortunately, Twitter has started neutering TweetDeck in order to curb user behavior, such as no longer being able to select multiple accounts when following, liking, tweeting, or retweeting.

    TweetDeck Free. Check out these helpful TweetDeck tips to get you started on the right foot. Janetter is a bit rough around the edges. There are some interface quirks that make it obvious that this app needs polish, at least as far as appearance goes. But the interface issue is what keeps me from recommending it too highly.

    Despite the dozens of themes available, none of them feel remotely professional. Night Owl is a little more modern in appearance but also a little more cluttered. And like Echofon, a drawer pops out to the side when you request more information about a tweet or a user.

    Night Owl Free. How to Protect Yourself and Your Family While Tweeting Twitter has launched a new initiative to address the matters of safety concerns, privacy concerns, kids' security concerns, and so on. If somebody wants to find out who you are and where you live, the tiniest bit of information can lead back to you Have fun but be careful out there!

    Explore more about: Now, though, we Twitter for Mac users have no choice but to cast about for a fresh Twitter client. What Makes a Great Twitter Client? This is largely a matter of opinion, to be sure — my needs likely vary from yours. Paul Pioneer Press newspaper. In the photo below, you can also see Twitterrific, logged into my personal account, on the far right.

    TweetDeck is the choice for Twitter power users — the one you want if you need to stay current on massive amounts of Twitter activity at a glance. TweetDeck columns — you can have dozens set up simultaneously — can display all manner of info, including user streams, notifications, mentions, likes, lists, messages, and keyword-search results. This scrapbooking capability is similar to a new bookmarking feature that Twitter announced on 28 February Even if you have a ton of TweetDeck columns, navigation is easy, though a bit poky on a slow computer, via a handy scroll bar along the bottom edge.

    Also, a scrolling toolbar on the left edge shows one icon for each of your columns. Click an icon and the matching column moves front and center. TweetDeck excels at multi-user support.

    With Twitter for Mac dead, here are the best alternatives for tweeting via macOS

    When viewing a tweet, you can respond to it or retweet it, with or without a comment, from any of your accounts. This seems obvious, but other apps have struggled to provide such functionality. Unfortunately, Twitter recently removed one TweetDeck power feature: The company said this change was intended to discourage spammy repetition of identical content or activity , which makes sense, but it was useful.

    TweetDeck has global customization features that allow you to change the width of your columns, toggle between light and dark themes, modify text size, and so on. It has per-column tweaks, too; set media-thumbnail sizes, toggle audio on or off, and enable desktop notifications for each column.

    Best Twitter clients for Mac

    You can also set up column-by-column filtering using a variety of content, username, and media-attachment criteria. You can globally filter by words or phrases, as well. TweetDeck has distinct shortcomings, particularly for those looking to find a Twitter for Mac replacement. As an aggressively multi-column construct, TweetDeck is a bit of a monster for those seeking a thinner client to a position on the side of your screen.

    The Mac App Store version is just a container for that Web interface. Alas, for those wanting to keep their desktop and mobile browsing synced, no version of TweetDeck for iOS exists — there was once one, but it is dead now. At the same time, Tweetbot users can optionally add additional columns if warranted. This makes the app a hybrid of sorts, which is nice. User accounts display in a left-hand toolbar as rounded avatars. Only one such account avatar is visible at a time, though. To see the others, click the active one, and the others pop into view.

    You can then switch to a different account.

    Three Alternatives to Twitter’s Now-Defunct Mac App

    Below the active account avatar and only that avatar are controls for the usual actions — mentions, messages, likes, lists, and so on. Activity, such as a new mention or a message, causes a dot to show up next to the relevant control icon. This is fine, but Twitter for Mac had a better approach. Its account avatars were visible at all times, with activity dots displayed alongside each for at-a-glance spotting at any time. Tweetbot offers a menu bar icon that changes color when new activity is detected and incorporates a pull-down menu to see which account has the activity, and what kind it is.

    Some simple actions in Tweetbot, such as retweeting and quoting, seem overly complex. You could then switch accounts in the window or not , type a comment or not , and then click to send. The controls in TweetBot, by comparison, are more opaque. This approach works, but Tweetbot columns even at their narrowest take up more space than the TweetDeck equivalents. If cramming lots of columns onto your screen is a priority, stick with TweetDeck.

    Not every kind of content can be shown in a Tweetbot column, either. User streams?

    Add multiple Twitter accounts to new Tweetdeck

    You can block by user, keyword, hashtag and even point of origin as in a particular Web site, Twitter client, or operating system. Tweetbot has a decent degree of customizability. Along with the standard text and avatar resizing, you can pin the timeline to the top as it streams, change the shape of avatars and banish those annoying verified badges , and more. The app syncs with the iOS version via either Tweet Marker or iCloud, so it maintains your position in the timeline between platforms. To sum up, Tweetbot is a nicely executed Twitter client, but with a few annoying, if minor, omissions and needless complications.

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