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Constantine K. Gardner W. This blend is a good quality flake with a bit of drying needed from tin. Smell of tin has a savoryness about it. Flakes were rubbed out. When big retrohale nic can be felt with a tickle of the nose. Read More derate retrohale the savory flavor can be had just not as strong as the the tin note.

This would be a blend I'd have someone start with trying to detect flavors because it not so complex. In my opinion wish this had basma instead of virginias. Good blend over all for nicotine. Alain L. Bold indeed. Never smoked anything like it. Not for the beginner but very rich and powerful. Serious N dose. Great alone or blended with another tobacco. Easy to light, burns well and no bite. Nice smoky tin smell and enjoyable room note for me, no Read More t for the wife.

In my rotation!!! There is no bitterness, harshness, or bite here. Tin note is very pungent and earthy. The thin dark flakes work out into almost a shag cut. Burnt well, relight after I went to refill my coffee. Sweet earthy flavor, hints of oak smoke, charcoal, then fresh out of the oven pumpernickel bread about halfway thru. Great blend if one likes stronger mixes. It isn't the least bit harsh nor does it have a tendency to bite. Read More yellow Virginia. I rubbed out a flake and let sit for about twenty minutes.

It is a strong tobacco that smokes mildly. I didn't notice the Virginia that much but it's probably what tamed the slight bitterness of the Burley which soon subsided. The mild topping is barely noticeable and the flavor was mostly Burley with a slight sweetness coming from the Virginia infusion. Patrick T. Absolutely love this tobacco. Taste is top notch, full strength nicotine level, the only tobacco stronger with such good flavor, is Rustica strain tobacco.

This tobacco is very similar to Irish Flake in aroma and flavor, but has more nicotine. I coul Read More d not tell them apart by odor or taste, but could tell apart by strength, this had a tad more nicotine. Smokes best out of clay pipes, but I have not tried it in Meer. If folding flakes, I suggest drying out a bit. I do not dry the flake rubbed out. Best way to smoke is a partially dried folded flake, with fresh rubbed on top. It also mixes very very well with a touch of perique or rustica added to it if you need even more nicotine and a deeper spicy earth flavor.

This is a beautifully well made tobacco. It's stout and taste great. Filip K. Very similar to Peterson Irish flake. Lot of nic so be careful. Definitely my no. Scott B. I was looking for a big burley flake. Bold Kentucky delivered!! The tin note is delicious. BBQ meat.

The smoke is strong and full with lots of rich flavor. MacBaren makes the best burning flakes. Nicotine is present but not too Read More overpowering. I highly recommend Read Less. Stephen E. If you are a Dark Fired tobacco lover, it's hard to imagine you won't enjoy Bold Kentucky.

BK is one of the first dark fired blends I tried, and it was an instant hit for me. I simply couldn't get enough of that BBQ, savory, slightly sweet and very Read More spicy aroma in the tin and smoke. Bold Kentucky is dark brown, going on black from the high percentage of dark fired American and African Malawi?

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Tobaccos, but the golden Virginia does mellow it ever so slightly. The flavor during the first half of the bowl is pure heaven, with that savory BBQ and American spice really dominating the senses, and if you love dark fired tobaccos you will most likely be in love here.

African dark fired flavors are in abundance here, with the American lending it's signature spice and smokiness. The second half of the bowl the strength really kicks it up a gear. Most likely you will need a few relights here, but it's not to the point of annoyance. All that being said, if you aren't a huge fan of dark fired tobaccos then Bold Kentucky may be a little too much for a regular smoke, but I would argue that even for those less inclined it will provide a deeply flavorful and potent occasional smoke.

Each smoke is unique, and different notes pop up all the time. Sometimes I get stray cigar notes akin to GH brown ropes and sometimes the delicious Malawi dark fired flavors of Dark Birdseye combined with a subtle sweetness of Virginia that just puts me in heaven. Both of these blends are top of the line and really without equal if you ask me. Bold Kentucky can be smoked more than once per day but for the vast majority of people is not an all day smoke. Old dark fired is your all day smoke if you enjoy this one like me. Duke I bought a tin of this at Christmas because it was so highly recommended and have been trying it in various pipes for a couple months now.

There are some things I really like about BK. It smells wonderful in the tin and when smoked. In the tin it has Read More an almost beef jerky aroma; when smoked it's much like an evening campfire. But I find that it gets a bit to sour for me as it smokes down. Also, the nicotine hit for me is quite high. I just can't enjoy this straight up. I still have over 50 grams of this left and would gladly swap it out at this point. If you want a strong smoke this is your answer -be prepared to pay No big long winded review here. Just good strong tobacco taste with a slightly sweet taste that stays good all the way to the bottom of the bowl.

Hit it out of the park McLaren. I give this one five stars,even though my I pad will only give me half a star tonight. Recommended after a rich meal with a cup of coffee. The flavor of the tobacco is very complimentary. I'm lighting up those ashes right now,c Read More ompleting last night's smoke. Don't light this up hoping for Hal O The Wynd. It just is'int like that,my smokers. The taste reminds me of Peterson's Irish Flake,But it's a lot more leathery and smoky.

I did have to dry it considerably to keep it lit and I found the flavor improved by a small margin when I did. But I didn't dry it to tinder This seems to have been made for those who found ODF a bit lacking in boldness and dark flavor. I have no such issue, but if that is indeed what they were going for, they succeeded admirably. This takes ODF and elevates the deep Kentucky flavor without adding any harshness. There is the same mild sweetness that is very far to the rear but that keeps the tobacco from being all brawn and earth. Indeed, I cannot call this a "strong" tobacco, but perhaps I really mean it's not harsh as a lot of dark VaBurs can be.

No real cantankerous qualities here, even when overpuffed, although it can show it's displeasure with higher temps by giving off a little bitterness. Perhaps this is the strong tobacco for those who don't like strong tobaccos but enjoy full flavor. This has that in spades. Mac Baren has definitely expanded their horizons with their HH line. I prefer ODF to this but this has a spot in my cellar as well. Four resounding stars! Of all the nicotine strong tobacco that I have tasted, this is, no doubt, the king. Make no mistake, this one is a nicotine bomb. Probably the strongest I have ever had, but this, alone, is not what makes it the king in my book.

It is a combination of the flavor and its other uses. This one is nutty sweet with even a bit of a chocolate type taste and is quite enjoyable to smoke. I have also found it to be not too disagreeable on the relight which is a good thing should you pack a bowl too big too handle. Funny as it may sound, I typically smoke this one in large bowls. In fact at last year's Chicago Show, I loaded up my group 5 dunhill with this one a few times. I would smoke on it for a bit and let it go out and return to it later.

I got about three smokes off it for each bowl packed. Due to this I would say this blend should be one of the first blends a new piper coming over from cigarettes should put into service. It seems to go against traditional wisdom to start with such a blend, but I strongly disagree with that tradition as it relates to ex cigarette smokers who require a lot of nicotine and are used to having short smokes.

This blend has another benefit, it will kick the crap out of any ghosts that may be in a pipe, so it is good to have around simply for that reason alone. So many good reasons to have this one on hand will make it a staple in my cellar for a long time. Highly recommended to all but the nicotine lightweights. First I have to say this is very good. I have been smoking it rubbed out straight from the tin with no drying time. The flakes are sliced thin, and rubbed out it is almost like a coarse shag.

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It is DFK with the rough edges removed by the hot press and some Virginia. It has the DFK spice and the nicotine kick in the butt. It also has an earthy full flavor with a few sweet Virginia notes. Every now and then I get a slight sour. It never got bitter. The flavor was consistent through the bowl. It smoked cool for me. I initially rated this Medium to Strong in the "Strength" category and have since changed it to Strong.

This is highly recommended for experienced pipe smokers who can handle a strong, full-flavored flake. It punches a lot of buttons for me. If you fit this description and you are on the fence, order some now. I didn't find this as full as Irish Flake but similar in taste, only more refined. Very smooth tasting with some earthiness. Also got some nuttiness and a very slight sweetness. The second half of my bowl was definitely stronger than the first half. I let it go out half way to take care of the hounds and when I came back to it, it was much fuller.

However, it was still very smooth. It definitely needed some dry time, pretty moist in the tin. The flakes are presented in neat rows, three across about and five flakes deep. Smells heavenly out of the tin with a slight, but pleasant musty note to it. Rubs out easily into a very nice shag.

Easier than ODF, actually. The wife enjoyed the room note but she also smokes cigars, so the non smoking SO might not like it as much. I will definitely be getting more in the g tin and hopefully the one pound bulk if released that way. It came in, typically of them, a nice looking compact square tin, and the "fancy" gold foil inner wrap, surrounding a nicely presented, uniform, and quite dark flake.

And with a notice on the bottom of the tin warning novices of it's strength. This is true, if you aren't an experienced smoker, or smoke cigars- this would be a little strong for you. However, for most of us it's totally okay, I would rate the nicotine level of a bowl of this as about the same as a medium full cigar, such as a La Gloria Cubana Series R.

I rated it very strong, simply because I can't recall smoking many stronger pipe tobaccos. When you open the tin and smell this, it is pretty satisfying, a smell of strong smoky tobacco, a bit of a deep dried fruit smell, and just a hint of vinegar I assume the casing , but mostly just strong unflavored tobacco goodness. I tried this in a couple of pipes, one a Calabash, I wanted to make sure that I am giving a fair overview, but honestly, it was much the same in all of them. I mentioned before that I am a fan of HH ODF, well I am, it's got a great full tobacco taste- on the other hand I often mix it with some Escudo or other VaPer or Virginia, because although it it very good, it is a bit monochromatic.

With Bold Kentucky, this is not a problem. The strength it has, and the sweetness and tangy-ness of the Virginias in it, make it much more interesting and nuanced. It is at once smoky, earthy, and has just a bit of spice, a very full tobacco flavor, and an underlying sweetness hard to describe- like a touch of the flavor of a dark chocolate brownie, maybe? A bit of bitterness presents itself at the very bottom of the bowl, to which I say, don't knock yourself out over it, just call it done. If smoked at a moderate to slow pace, you will experience no tongue bite at all.

I absolutely love this stuff, but I will not smoke it every day, just as I love steak, and will not eat it every day. It is simply too rich to do that and it has no Latakia either- and doesn't seem amenable to the addition of any- which I would miss, sooner or later. It does definitely give a cigar like nicotine buzz the ash even looks a bit white like good cigar ash , and it produces a great deal of smoke- although the smell is pretty tolerable-have some dinner before you smoke it. All in all, I like it very much, although I see it as a every once in a while treat, rather than daily smoke.

Very rich! These flakes come very moist, dark and somewhat fragile and remind me of the way Condor long cut looks and feels, but of course this has no discernible topping. In strength it is roughly equivalent to Condor, maybe a tad less. In taste it reminds me most of Gawith Hoggarth Kendal Kentucky. Rich, creamy and full of Dark Fired notes.

Although not quite as strong in N as Kendal Kentucky, it certainly delivers a punch yet is still approachable. Further bowls have given me a slightly different take on this exceptional tobacco. There are tastes of very dark chocolate, and silky dark body, without sweetness. And the experience is akin to smoking a high quality, dark wrapper cigar, the kind that isn't so spicy as chocolatey, although this is something which I no longer do. The added touch of Virginia and the processing create a refined, contemporary take on an old fashioned tobacco.

Deeper and richer than Old Dark Fired, and without any of the roughness which DF in general can have, it will ring all the bells of someone looking for a full bodied smoke. Really a superb blend with good smoking characteristics and lack of harshness. Not for the smoker of Mac Baren Mixture Modern.

Mac Baren HH Bold Kentucky - Pipes and Cigars

As good as Mac Baren is with toppings, it would be interesting if they had a "aromatic" version. Anyway, this is a sure fire winner. It's hard to find words to describe just how good this is! Even though there isn't any added flavouring the tin note is highly charismatic. It's very full and intriguing and suggestive of the hearty smoke that's about to follow. The flakes probably would benefit from a very short airing but it's not at all imperative to do so. They are a dark brown and fairly slim in width.

Despite the flakes are a touch moist it still ignites with ease. The smoke is such a joy! Yes, it's quite strong in nicotine but it's up to you whether or not you inhale the smoke, personally I don't so the N doesn't bother me!

Mac Baren: HH Bold Kentucky 1.75oz

This has a brilliantly full taste. Although it's a fairly simple blend I find it quite a complex taste. All of the tobaccos can be acknowledged without any of them becoming too much. I get a wonderful deep nuttiness coming through accompanied by a delightful grass tone from the Virginia. The smoke is of a decent thickness and it doesn't burn too hot. It's actually quite cool. I get no tongue bite at all.

Not even if I strain the guts out of it! It takes it's time in burning. It isn't one of those blends that's gone in a few puffs, it's a proper 'sit and savour' smoke. I said at the start "it's hard to find words to describe just how good this is" and I hope I've done it justice! Full marks without a doubt. Mike Tyson would be proud. MacBaren delivers a straight right followed by a left cross to the kisser with this one.

Full powered for sure, yet softened nicely with the Bright Virginias. No sweetness, no flavoring or casings. Just full tobacco flavor in your bowl. Enjoyable, yet for me, I need a lil more complexity than the Bold KY brings.

HH Bold Kentucky

Some sweetness, nuttiness, something Because of that I can only give it 3 stars. Mac Baren is really on to a fantastically good thing with the hot-pressed flakes of the HH line. This, like Old Dark Fired, is in my top 2. Search for the holy grail complete. The difference is the VA component has been reduced to mere seasoning and replaced with loads of that awesomely stout, heavily smoky dark fired. This is tobacco, my friends. No added sweeteners.

Rich, flavorful, brimming with taste and nicotine, with just the faintest natural sweetness brought by the Virginia. This is the full-flavored cigar of the pipe tobacco religion. As with ODF, I find the flavors are much enhanced by fold n stuff, smoked low and slow.

I've never had burn problems, nor tongue bite. Just high octane, smooth and creamy smoking bliss. I smoked ODF when I want a more balanced and smoothed over dark fired blend, and pick BK when I just wanna be kicked in the neck by a three-legged kentucky mule. If you haven't experienced the greatness of MB HH flakes, listen to the reviewers here The neat flakes are leathery and smell of a typical dark fired Burley. They do need to be dried some for the best result. The Burley tastes more of the African variety than the American variety to my taste although I believe both are found here.

I have smoked this folded and stuffed and partly rubbed out. BK burns slowly and to my taste, smoother than other dark fired blends that I have tried. There is likely a bit of vinegar and possibly a little sugar in the casing. What separates this one from the pack for me is how smooth it is, with no bite. It is just smoky, earthy, slightly sweet and very tasty. Mac Baren has taken a flavor that I usually associate with the British and shown that they are a player in this genre for sure!

What a blend! Another reviewer here made the comparison with Condor Long Cut and I can certainly see resemblances, not just in appearance but also in taste. Unlike the Condor flake, though, this is quite a bit smoother and, of course, lacks the soap dousing. In my opinion, and based on the blends I've experienced, this is the best tobacco in its genre at the moment.

And what a genre that already is! And it does so without going overboard with the nicotine - out of those tobaccos I just mentioned, I'd say that the first three all have more nic than HH Bold Kentucky. The right balance between flavour and strength in this blend has been achieved masterfully. Once more the German general importer for MacBaren made me wait for this blend.

I'm beginning to dislike him. Those who have followed my reviews know that I like the stronger blends, and KY in particular, so obviously, I was hot on the heels of this one from the moment it came out. Thanks to the people at Dan Tobacco, I got an early tin Opening the tin I see three stacks of chewing-gum-strip sized slices, cut thinly.

That makes sense; we're talking about pretty strong stuff here. The tin note is sweet and malty, and has little of the horse stables scent usually associated with KY; it does have a vinegar-y note though. Overall, delicious. I go the way Henrik Halberg of MacBaren recommends and fold-and-twist one strip of flake into a shallow, wide bowl. Lighting takes a little, but I manage to keep this stuff lit to the end without re-lights out of a fresh tin.

On lighting, the flavour starts out deep-malty-sweet, with a slight side note of top-notch Balsamico. The room note is robust, the VA for me more noticeable there than in the flavour. Sweet-malty, a little old-fashioned I know that is not a very good description, but it's the best I can come up with. Halfway through the pipe, the VA comes forward a little, with hints of citrus in the flavour; I like it.

This blend has entered my rotation for late-evening smoking. It is easily the heaviest in Vitamin N from the MacBaren range, and I would like to thank Henrik Halberg for coming up with this concoction. For beverages to go along, I would suggest a good Espresso, or a strong Bock beer. I have been told by a tobacconist that some of his customers complain about how strong HH Bold Kentucky is; talking with him I found that it seems most complainants used large pipes, rubbed out two or three flake strips and stuffed them in relatively tightly.

Don't do that. For most aromatics smokers, I'd say take half a strip in a very small pipe, fold-and-twist, and see whether you can keep it lit. And for those not used to strong 'baccy, remember that this IS strong 'baccy. For those who like the Sam Gawith and Gawith Hoggarth ropes, go for it! No two ways about it, this is a rich, spicy, unbridled tobacco.

However, Mac Baren seems to have learned a few new tricks in the process of developing and producing these fabulous HH series flakes. First off, Bold Kentucky is absolutely delicious and amazing. I use the term amazing because despite the rich flavor and the ramped up strength, when smoked slowly Bold Kentucky still manages to be exceedingly mellow and very well balanced. Despite its strength, the flavor is exceptionally focused and has a remarkable amount of restraint.

The tin note is savory and has a slight vinegary edge with a hint of chocolate and reminds me of the smell of chipotle chiles in adobo sauce. At first light, the flavor is very even keel with subtle hints of pepper, wood smoke and a sliver of sweetness. Gradually the flavor intensifies, delivering a full, rich and bittersweet earthy burley smoke that is soft rather than edgy. Bold Kentucky does share some traits with Old Dark Fired, only it's stronger, deeper in favor and definitely not as sweet.

What your left with is strong but approachable. Nevertheless, when smoked in a smaller pipe Bold Kentucky has only ever left me feeling peacefully relaxed. Once again Mac Baren has done a great job designing a blend that highlights their well-aged Kentucky dark fired leaf. Bold Kentucky is pleasurable smoke and it pairs nicely with a robust American style double or triple IPA. HH Bold Kentucky appears to be another hit from Mac Baren, given it finds its target market of experienced KY fanatics mostly grumpy old men, I suspect.

This one kicks into gear right away, and — all in all - it is, in fact, a straight-up, bold pipe tobacco. Grampa might have smoked something like this, back in The Day - if Grampa was a bad-ass. In the tin, BK presents 3 rows of dark, short-ish, narrow flakes. The blended leaf is hot pressed and aged, and it looks, smells and tastes it.

Tin moist, it takes a couple of tries to light BK. Dried, it fires up like tinder. Either way, it burns down slowly and evenly, like a good cigar. I generally use 1 flake, which I fold, spindle, and dry just a little, then I stuff it fairly loosely for a satisfying bowl. Once it gets going, there is plenty of smoke. The always-present VAs are Old School, with some punch and some zing to offset what sugar they bring. The flavors are generally well melded and they are consistently deep and strong, with sharp-ish, spicy side notes.

Smoked carefully, BK smooths out as it concentrates, as it is smoked down. Aftertaste is the end of the smoke, dragged out. After a wobbly start, Bold Kentucky has grown on me, and now I look forward to it. It wants time spent, and when I take my time with it, I find it very relaxing and quite satisfying. Not recommended for beginners. Quite a fine flake tobacco I believe HH Bold Kentucky is as good an example of a stout, well-crafted tobacco, as any I've come across in many years.

Earthy, pungent, and full flavored, this is a 4 star flake Definitely worthy of a try Thank you MacB for hitting the note that I seek daily as an avid pipe tobacco lover. Unlike many other wonderful blends that are advertised as true tobaccos "for the lovers of pure tobacco flavor", HHBK has achieved this moniker with a degree of approachability and silk that envelops a rich and incredibly satisfying smoke. If you are familiar with their ODF, imagine that with an extra depth and "wallop". As they claim, a little natural sweetness from the VA to soften the burley, and it's perfectly done.

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  • MacBaren HH Bold Kentucky (50g).

It is indeed pure and manly. A greatly satisfying smoke of which one needn't be wary. It's a very enjoyable trip into the world of what has made pipe smoking an enduring pleasure for many centuries. I got told this would be the ODF "but more, just everything more" Well, imho they share a few nuances but this is something much earthier, much deeper, and a feel of ethereal-oilyness! Its a bit spicy, a bit "biting" , but not in a bad way. A earthy stream of fine smoke flatters your palate.

Decent smokiness to it. Letting the smoke float in your mouth reveals it deep earthiness and a excellent, tasty and very woodsy taste. A unobtrusive vinegar aroma is present in the back, just as in the tin note, which likely comes from a mild casing, for taste and preservation reasons I guess.

You can clearly taste this was dark fired, you can litteraly taste the burned leafs! Also a minor nuttiness to it. Fine, fine Kentucky Blend! This tobacco I enjoy most, when I "chew the smoke" Keep my mouth closed, and make just slight chewing-like gestures with my mouth, so most of the smoke gets out through the nose and the smoke can float and stream in your mouth and nose.

Looks incredible dumb - tastes incredibly good and enhances the experience to sublimity. But this is only for doing at home! Even tho it's a bit of a hassle to light it and keep it lit, I personally find it to be most pleasant to smoke right out of a fresh tin. Letting it sit in the tin for some month won't dry it out that much, but just takes away a whiff - really not much! Excellent after a good meal, or with a good drink I had rooibos-caramel tea to it a few times - awesome contrast! Not a All-Day-Smoke , but a good bowl times the week after dinner I wouldnt wanna miss.

This reviews were about tins produced in They were 25 cents cheaper, and the tins were a few centimeters bigger than the ones I have produced in Somehow I find the tins to be tasting a bit more vinegar-ish. Airing them out properly helps getting them just as earthy, and less vinegar-ish as the tins i've smoked. A beefy, rich bowl of pure baccy goodness with a big dose of nic kick, Bold Kentucky lives up to its name.

I don't really pick up any sweetness, though. This one'll put some hair on yer chest. Personally, I'd recommend a smaller bowl after a good meal followed by a moderate cadence and you will be rewarded with a deep earthy flavor, spicy and slightly nutty, full and satisfying. As described, for the experienced pipe smoker. Tin notes of rich tobacco, with a hint of a smell that reminds me of rubbed out pencil erasers, perhaps Dixon Ticonderoga 2. Flakes very moist in the tin, but a few minutes laid out after being rubbed out, of a few seconds in the microwave if you have the patience I do.

Initial lighting takes a while, and relights are common. The flavor is rich, leathery and chewy. Pure tobacco goodness. I don't find this as strong as some people do, never had it give me any negative effects, even smoking in large bowls. Does great with DGT. The room note is terrific, not strong and off-putting as you may think it would be. Solid 4 stars, especially because this is the only Mac Baren that doesn't scorch my tongue! If you are venturing into Dark Fired tobaccos, this is a must.

And don't be afraid of what you heard about the strength, you'll be fine. The presentation is top notch with its compact elegant tin, its golden flake wrap, and the neatly seated 3 rows of flakes that demand your attention and respect. It is a fair bit stronger than Irish Flake which is very strong in its own right so handle with care and enjoy the dizziness induced by this heavenly flake. Irish Flake had been my favourite smoke since I started smoking pipe. HH Bold Kentucky seems to be its stronger wiser brother.

Both mean business in their own way. There is a hint of very subtle sweetness there because of the VAs but it doesn't show itself often. If there's anything missing in the blend to my taste is some more sweetness but this is my taste. After folding a flake into thirds I cube cut it and gravity filled my pipe. It is silky smooth on the tongue without any tongue bite or irritation. Just taste and nicotine that has a commanding presence. Burns very well throughout fresh from the tin with a few relights due to me putting it down upon relights, the subtle sweetness comes to the foreground.

Very enjoyable and satisfactory. Tobaccos like this are the quintessential definition of satisfaction to me. Certainly buying more to cellar and enjoy on a daily bases especially in the morning with my black coffee. Holy crap this is good tobacco!! Tin note is a strong burst of straight-up tobacco goodness without all the fruity fireworks. The flavor is as robust as the scent and the nic hit slaps you right across the ol bearded yap without turning your tongue into a dried up chili pepper.

I set the flakes out for a 30 minute rest before firing up since they're a bit damp but well worth the wait. A great companion to Old Dark Fired. Having smoked quite a number of Toscano cigars over my long smoking life, I consider myself as a Kentucky aficionado. Nice that Mac Baren — a brand getting my appreciation even if in alternate phases… - has put on the market a couple of Kentucky flakes. Smokes cool and steady. I thinks it depends on the fact that lately my preference goes to Kentuckies or, in general terms, dark fireds in ribbon form say DBE or our italian rustics.

Just like I prefer the Virginias in flake form. Beatifully presented n a square tin wrapped in gold foil. The count is very generous and I was impressed by the sheer volume of tobacco in this tin. The smoke is wonderful creamy and voluminous. It was moist in the tin and so I dried it for a while in the sun whilst I watched my beloved Yankees take another drubbing at the hands of the evil Red Sox.

A few glasses of red wine and a few relights later and I am sitting here writing this review with a nice satisfying nic hit after a nice flavorful enjoying smoke. Great stuff! I will have this tin to enjoy for a while as it dries out a bit and mellows. The meer was a precaution that was not necessary and I look forward to enjoying this fine blend in my regular briar rotation. Not for the faint of heart. Needs time to fully enjoy this delicious tobacco. The KY is the star of the show. It is earthy, spicy, slightly nutty at times and has a small note of molasses.

The bright VA's have a slight citrus note that comes with the normal and expected notes of hay. The casing seems to have a little anise note which is subtle and perhaps a subtle hint of vinegar as well. That said, this is a good straight tobacco but it lacks the complexity of a four star rating. As somewhat of a novice pipe smoker, I was almost dissuaded from buying this tobacco by the reviews stating 'not for the newbies'.

However, I'm nothing if not adventurous, and drawn to strong flavours. When I smoked cigaretes I smoked Marlboro Red, so I'm used to a big hit, and even today I admit that I inhale a little from my pipe, and like a nicotine hit that would knock down a cow. Dunhill nightcap is my constant smoke, my go-to blend, if you will. I'd have to say that my initial reaction upon opening the tin was "WOW, what a delicious aroma!

I have to say that, in contradiction of some reviewers here, I found it to be moist to the point of wetness, and requiring an hour of drying out on a sheet of kitchen towel in a warm, well ventilated room. Once packed and lit, it smoked very well indeed, requiring so few relights that I'm fairly sure a more experienced pipe-er would go through the whole bowl in one light. The taste is bold. Full flavoured. Like eating a grilled portobello mushroom. Meaty, even. Not bitter. Not acidic.

And the nicotine hit isn't enough to knock you down or give you head-spin. It's there, but in a manageable dose.

All in all, a very pleasant smoke. I've yet to decide wether or not I'll be buying it again, there are so many good and bad tobaccos out there to try. I'm sure this one would benefit from storage for a few months, so I might buy a few and keep them in hand. So, in summary, if you like 'em strong and dark, not too sweet, and a bit 'off the beaten track' I think you should give this one a try. Incidentally, if you don't drink, and you don't smoke This is quite a strong tobacco. It gives a very nice Nicotine kick. It comes in very nice even flakes, which are a bit moist but they are very easy to rub out.

When you open the tin it greets you with a very nice smell at least for me The smell reminds me of Old Horborn rolling tobacco. The smell could be coming from wine or vinegar. The taste is very full. It makes you feel like you smoke a nice cigar. This is something you need to be careful with though. I smoked two bowl in one evening because I liked the buzz from it. After finishing the bowls it really disturbed my throat. After that I treated it with respect, and reduced the smoking amount and add a filter which I really don't like Also if you smoke too fast it can give you very little bite on the tongue.

This is a nice bold and full flavor tobacco that has no bite and is good from start to finish. Works well in various size bowls and while it seems moist from the tin, it lights well and produces thick clouds of smoke. Presentation is impeccable, thin and narrow hot pressed flakes of almost black color cut with precision. Tin note is also good, heady, deep molasses and licorice aromas with a stewed fruit note. Flakes rub out very easily but can also be folded and stuffed. Optimum moisture level to smoke straight away.

It balances between sweet and bitter tastes and is strong but smooth and very tasteful. It is nuanced and complex, with earthy, bitter chocolatey tones and a mild smokiness. Yes, this is a strong tobacco which might give you an occasional hiccup, but I do not find it overwhelmingly strong. However this means that it cannot suit an all-day use. Room note is quite strong but I find it pleasant. Typical Mac Baren quality abounds in the packaging and presentation. The rows of razor-edged nearly-black flakes grab the eye, and the nose: I smell vinegar, creosote and wood.

The flakes are pliant, and after a gentle rub with a few minutes drying time, are ready to go. The flavour is strong and uniform, with the plentiful dark-fired making itself known from first light, and never letting up, You needn't be a burley fanatic to appreciate this blend, but it wouldn't hurt. The taste deepens and strengthens throughout the bowl, accompanied by considerable nicotine.

There are cigar-like notes present, especially in the retrohale, but the flavour is not that of a cigar, simply a strong burley-forward-with-virginia combo. The smoking experience is rich and the flavour unrelenting. Room note is old-tymey, and it lingers. For me, this is an evening pleasure, to be enjoyed at the end of the day. It rewards slow stoking, and you can fall into an easy cadence with it. I actually prefer HH Bold Kentucky to the blends listed above, and the fact that it is thus far widely available is a nice bonus.

Pairs well with cold tea and whiskey. I also advise having something sweet at hand to refresh the palate. The tin I have been enjoying has about 2 years of age on it. It would be interesting to see how if it matures, so I intend to order some and put it aside. They are cousins to be sure, with Bold Kentucky being decidedly stronger. In the tin, the smell is quite robust. To the point that BK starts to smell a bit like barbecued meat. Not sweet molasses sauce barbecue, more like smoked meat.

Perfectly shaped flakes, neatly arranged. On lighting, you know it's gonna be a powerful smoke. Big, robust flavor. There may be other tobaccos involved, but it screams nothing but dark fired Kentucky. Very little, if any, sweetness. Despite it's strength, I didn't find myself getting bothered by the nicotine level, but it was on the edge of what would start to be too much.

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